Merdeka Bonanza

Bonus Name Merdeka Bonanza
Maximum Leverage 1:500
Bonus Type Monthly Bonus
Minimum Funding 200 USD
Top Up Allowed
Country Restriction Malaysia Only
Eligibility New Client and Existing Client
Prizes Lucky Draw
Grand Prize – Yamaha NVX (Prize covered for the body only) Second Prize – Gaming Laptop (Asus TUF 505D)
Third Prize – iPhone SE 2020 Forth Prize – Nintendo Switch V2
Consolation Prize (5 winners) – JBL Speaker (Flip 4/Charge 4)
Bonus Start Date/Time 3rd of August 2020 00:00:00 GMT +8
Bonus End Date/Time 31st of August 2020 11:59:59 GMT +8

Bonus Terms & Conditions:

This Merdeka Bonanza (hereinafter the “Bonus Account”) is open to new and existing Clients who deposit a minimum of USD 200 into their Live trading account with Profitto. The Merdeka Bonanza is offering a 10% credit bonus (optional) with a minimum of USD200 deposit in their Merdeka Bonanza trading account and a chance to participate in Lucky Draw as well!

Merdeka Bonanza is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the present document and subject to all existing Profitto terms and conditions. The date and Time which stated below are according to GMT

1. The Bonus period starts from 3rd of August 2020 00:00:00 until 31st of August 2020 11:59:59 GMT + 8 (Ending time subject to change).
2. By registering, opening a Merdeka Bonanza Account, and or accepting the terms and conditions within the applicable landing pages and/or client member’s area, the trader is acknowledging that they have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Bonus.
3. This Bonus is eligible to existing and new clients of Profitto who deposited with a minimum of USD 200 into their “Merdeka Bonanza” trading account, and who traded with any currencies pair, metals and crypto ONLY.

4. This is a Merdeka Bonanza.
5. No employees of the company should participate in this Bonus.
6. The maximum leverage with this Bonus is 1:500.
7. There are 2 options offered for all clients who are interested to participate in this event. Clients could participate in this event while claiming our 10% Deposit Bonus promotion or participate without claiming the bonus. You are tied to both rules if you wish to claim 10% bonus and participate in Lucky Draw as well. Details of both options listed below;

a) Claim 10% deposit bonus and participate in Lucky Draw b) Participate in Lucky Draw without claim 10% deposit bonus
Minimum deposit is USD200 and you MUST submit a ticket from your cabinet to claim your 10% credit bonus.
You may request to claim the bonus to be in your balance (you can withdraw the amount) after the Bonus has ended (after 31st of August) with a minimum lot size must be reached.

For example:
Deposit USD200
Credit bonus: 10% X total deposit USD200 X 10% = USD20
You must trade at least minimum 30% from total bonus your received for you to claim your credit bonus to be in your balance:
USD20 X 30% = 6 standard lots.
Once you have traded 6 standard lots and more, you may submit your request by open a ticket from your cabinet to convert your credit bonus to be in your balance. You may submit your request after the bonus event has ended (1st of September 2020 onward until 15th of September 2020). You have the option to participate in Lucky Draw without claim your bonus. If you did not claim a bonus and would like to participate in Lucky Draw, the minimum lot is 10 standard lots for every USD200. If your first deposit for your Merdeka Bonanza trading account is USD200 and second deposit is USD300. Total deposit is USD500, minimum lot size will be calculated pro rate, thus the minimum lot size will be 25 standard lots.

8. Maximum Bonus account that can be created for each client is up to 5 Merdeka bonus trading account.

9. For the grand prize winner – Yamaha NVX, the winner will receive body only which mean the winner will only receive the Motorcycle only without number plate and insurance registration. The winner will need to register for the number plate and insurance by himself/herself.
10. Please be informed that we will close Merdeka Bonanza account on 16th September 2020 00:00:00. Please ensure you do not have any running position, transfer all your balance to your wallet and claim your bonus (if eligible) before this date.

Procedure of Participation
How to participate: –
1. Register an account with us
2. Login to Cabinet Area, submit your KYC for approval.
3. In the Cabinet Area, click on Open live account and select “Merdeka Bonanza” Trading
4. Deposit at least USD 200 into your Bonus Account.
5. Submit a ticket from your Cabinet to claim your 10% deposit bonus (credit bonus) with subject
“Merdeka Bonus” and provide your “MT4 ID 7360XXXX”
7. Follow Step 3 to Step 5 for NEW Bonus Account(s) opening.

Deposit & Withdrawal
1. Minimum Funding for each Bonus Account is 200 USD.
2. The deposited Bonus Account is only eligible for the said funding month. If you would like to participate for the following month, you should reopen another NEW Bonus Account by clicking the “Merdeka Bonus” Trading Account in the cabinet area.
3. Top-up is allowed.
4. No withdrawal / Fund Transfer out is allowed until the end of Bonus period. Anywithdrawal
/ fund transfers out from the Bonus Account(s) (which is not expired) during the Bonus period will be

Winning & Disqualification
1. One person can only win ONCE as a winner. Winner(s) cannot be the same person for different Prize.
2. All position(s) must be closed before end of the Bonus period. Kindly refer to the Bonus Period Timetable. You will be disqualified If there is any Floating Trade(s).
3. Funding with amount lower than USD 200 will be disqualified. “OR” Before you start trading, your Bonus Account MUST have minimum of USD 100 (you may top up until USD 200 before you start trading).
4. Manual trading ONLY.
5. EA, scalping under 3 minutes, arbitrage, news trading, trade balance, high frequency trading and hedging are prohibited, or you will be disqualified.

Result Announcement
1. Result will be announced through Profitto Facebook Fan Page on the following Week after end of Bonus Period.

1. The Company reserved the rights to change the prize items, or to replace the planned prize with equivalent prize.
2. The prizes could be in credit or in physical object.
3. In the event of giving out any credit prize, the Company reserve the right to present it subject to Company’s decision, or to transfer it into participant’s MT4 Account / Profitto Wallet in the Cabinet Area.
4. The Company shall announce the prize list before start of any new Bonus period. Kindly refer to Profitto Facebook Fan Page for more updated information.

Legal & Rules
1. Under no circumstances shall Profitto be liable for any consequences of any Bonus cancelation or decline.
2. This Bonus cannot be combined with any other bonus or promotion offered.
3. The company reserves the right to cancel the Bonus, in case this rule is violated.
4. Scalping, hedging, arbitrage, trade balance and news trading are prohibited. The company reserves the right to disqualify the Participant.
5. So-called “reverse trading” on ANY accounts is strictly prohibited.
“Reverse trading” denotes opening the same position in reverse directions on 2 or more accounts.
E.g. open 0.1 lot BUY on EURUSD in one account and 0.1 lot SELL on EURUSD in another at the same time. The Client acknowledges that such accounts will be blocked, and the Bonus qualification will be disqualified. Profits from the reverse trading will be cancelled.
6. It is important that Eligible Clients are aware that their risks are not limited to their deposit(s) and that by making a qualifying trade it is possible to lose more than their deposit. In some circumstances, losses may be considerably more than any initial or minimumdeposit.
7. The Company is not liable for technical disruptions and/or breaks in the internet connection on the side of the client and third-party services, that can directly or indirectly have affected on the client’s participation in the Bonus.
8. The Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Bonus; the prizes; to disqualify the participant in case of rules violation or suspicion in using ill practices for winning and getting prizes, without any prior notice at any time and the participants shall be bound to such changes.

9. The Company reserves the right, as its reasonable discretion:
i. to decline registration of any participant in the “Merdeka Bonus” Bonus; and

ii. disqualify any participant in the “Merdeka Bonus” who tampers or attempts to tamper with the operation of the “Merdeka Bonus” or breaches these terms and/or any of the Business Terms and Policies set forth on the Company’s website.
10. If the Company suspects or has reason to believe that a Client has abused or attempted to abuse the terms of this Bonus or any other Bonus presented by Profitto, or has acted in bad faith, the Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny, withhold, withdraw or terminate from that Client the Bonus and, if necessary:
(i) to withhold, cancel and subtract from that Client’s account(s),
(ii) to terminate that Client’s access to services provided by Profitto and/or terminate the contract between Company and the Client for the provision of services
(iii) to block that Client’s Account(s) (however, save it where otherwise required by a relevant authority) and to arrange for the transfer of any unused balance, less the Bonus amount as well as any profits which the Company deems to have been gained via Abusive Behavior, to the Client. Where Abusive Behavior includes but is not limitedto:
a. Where a Client, by himself or acting with others (including an Introducing Broker/ Affiliate/ Money Manager) established a trading position or positions which have the purpose or effect of extracting the Credit provided and/ or profits generated by the Bonus, without exposure to economic risk, including without limitation loss of the Bonus or the Client’s capital (or the capital of others).
b. If the Company suspects that the participant abuses the rules of the Bonus by hedging his/her positions inside (with the use of other trading accounts with the Company) or from outside (with the use of other trading accounts with other brokers), the company reserves the right to immediately recall the profit from the customer’s trading account or from the hedged account without the customer’s consent and, when strictly necessary, to block the customer’s account (trading will be prohibited, transactions will be cancelled, the initial deposit will be returned by bank transfer).
c. Any indication or suspicion, in the Company’s sole discretion, of any form of arbitrage (including but not limited to risk free profiting), abuse (including but not limited to participant’s trading activity patterns that indicate that the participant solely aims to benefit financially from the matching bonus without being genuinely interested in trading in the markets and/or taking market risk), fraud, manipulation, cash-back arbitrage connected to a Bonus or any forms of deceitful or fraudulent activity, will nullify all credited bonus(es) in the Client’s trading accounts and/or any transactions carried and/or profits or losses garnered therein. In these circumstances, the Company reserves the right to close/suspend (either temporarily or permanently) all such Client’s live trading account with the company, cancel all orders and annul all profits of such participant.
11. The English version of this document shall supersede, in the incidence of any discrepancy in the terms of this Bonus, once translated into other languages.
12. Profitto reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to alter, amend or terminate the Bonus, or any aspect of it, at any time and without prior notice.

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